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Pump, 3" Centrifugal, Gas-TE2-80HA

Applications :

  • Used for fast removal of water which is free of debris in places such as wells and pools and construction sites.

Safety :

  • Be sure to turn the engine off when refueling.
  • Do not run the pump without water.
  • Should not be used to pump water which contains chemicals.
  • Do not pump flammable materials.

Product Specs :

  • Maximum capacity of 264gpm/15840gph
  • Honda 5.5 Hp.
  • Run time/tank (Hr)- 3.3
  • Maximum discharge head (ft)- 105.
  • Weight 64 lbs.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H in.) -20 1/2 x 16 1/2 x 18 7/8.

Operating Instructions :

  • Place the intake and discharge hoses in their respective places.
  • Put the on/off switch in the on position.
  • Turn the choke and the gas line on.
  • Prime pump housing as well as intake hose.
  • Pull the cord until the engine rolls over.
  • Turn the choke off.
  • Pull the cord until the engine begins to run.
  • Let the pump run until the water has been completely displaced.

Trouble Shooting :