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Metal Detector

Applications :

  • This tool is used to locate all types of metal.
  • Excellent for finding lost jewelry on a beach or park.
  • Can be used to detect metal that is underground.

Safety :

  • Do not used in heavy rain. Electric shock may occur.

Product Specs :

  • The metal detector will emit a tone when any of the following metals are beneath the detecting disc. Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel.
  • The depth of detection depends on the density of the metal and the distance buried.

Operating Instructions :

  • Turn on the detector and hold the unit so the disc is 6" from the ground.
  • Setting the intensity to the lowest setting and place a sample of the metal you are trying to locate beneath the disc.
  • Adjust the intensity setting until the unit is able to detect the sample.
  • Move the detector away from the sample and increase the intensity level to the desired depth you want the detector to work to.
  • Walk slowly and move the disc from side to side.
  • When you hear the detector, stop and locate the exact position.
  • Start digging and hope for gold!

Trouble Shooting :