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Dehumidifier / Building Dryer

Applications :

  • This tool is designed to reduce the relative humidity by removing moisture from the air, thereby helping to dry wet carpets, cushions, floors, walls, contents and structural materials.

Safety :

  • It may be operated on a damp surface, but you should make sure no water pools around the machine.
  • Do not attempt to service or clean the unit while it is plugged into the wall. It is dangerous for an unqualified person to attempt to repair the unit.
  • Do not remove the ground plug or use an adapter to operate the unit.
  • Do not position multiple units in a way that one unit blows into the other.
  • Avoid putting the unit on or over hardwood floors. Unexpected spillage from the unit could cause damage to flooring.
  • Do not unplug the unit while it is in operation.
  • If the unit is switched off during use, wait five (5) minutes before restarting. Attempting a restart may cause damage to the compressor.

Product Specs :

  • Water Removal Chart.
  • Temp F/Rh Temp C/Rh Extraction
    • 50oF/60% 10oC/60% 12 Pints
    • 60oF/60% 16oC/60% 15 Pints
    • 70oF/70% 21oC/70% 57 Pints
    • 80oF/60% 27oC/60% 58 Pints
    • 90oF/80% 32oC/80% 98 Pints
    • 100oF/90% 38oC/90% 115 Pints
  • Height -20.5".
  • Width -14".
  • Depth -15.75".
  • Use Weight -60 lbs.
  • Ship Weight -66 lbs.
  • Compressor Rating -5500 BTU.
  • Power Required -5 amps.
  • Operating Range -7oC -38oC.

Operating Instructions :

  • When transporting the unit do not drop. Severe impact may damage the compressor.
  • If the unit has fallen over or been tipped, set it upright for one (1) hour before operating.
  • Operate the unit on a level surface only. This will prevent the unit from flooding.
  • Plug the unit into a grounded 110/120 volt outlet and switch power "ON" to start.
  • For gravity drainage, place the drain hose into a suitable 5 gallon container or floor drain below the drain outlet. Make sure the entire length of hose is laid flat out with no bends or kinks.
  • If the unit is turned off, allow five minutes before restarting.
  • Listen for proper operating of the fan and compressor before leaving the unit running.

Trouble Shooting :