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Animal Trap, Small

Applications :

  • These traps are used to trap squirrels or other similar sized animals without causing any harm to the animal.
  • It allows you to capture the animal and safely transport it to a more suitable environment.

Safety :

  • The door should be able to move freely without any obstructions.
  • Check for any sharp ends on the metal cage.

Product Specs :

  • Steel cage with two door openings that will close when the squirrel enters the trap and walks on the bait pan.

Operating Instructions :

  • Hold the door open and place bait on bait pan.
  • Turn door locks up and out of the way.
  • Push down on offset loop to open both doors.
  • Catch the flat end of loop door rod under the flat end of bait pan trigger so doors are held open.
  • Turn door locks up and over so they rest on doors.
  • Set and trip trap several times to be sure it works properly.
  • Suggested bait for squirrels is: peanut butter on bread, peanuts, pecans, earof corn.

Trouble Shooting :