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Tiller, Heavy duty Honda 5.5hp

Applications :

  • Used for turning soil over, usually to prepare a garden.
  • Ideal for hard soil conditions & sod.

Safety :

  • Ensure that the area is clear of larger rocks and roots before using the tiller.
  • Be sure not to till areas that have buried wire or sprinkler systems
  • Do not use this tool in the vicinity of other people or pets.
  • Allow the engine to cool before refueling, loading and unloading .
  • Do not attempt to roto-till steep inclines.
  • Use hearing, eye & foot protection when using this tool.

Product Specs :

  • Rear tine, variable speed with reverse.
  • 2 speed transmission with reverse
  • 4 stroke gas engine.
  • Fuel: Regular

Operating Instructions :

  • Turn the on/off switch to the on position.
  • Turn the choke to the closed (on) position.
  • Adjust the throttle lever to the halfway position.
  • Pull the recoil until the engine turns over.
  • Slide the choke lever to the open (off) position.
  • Pull the recoil again until the engine starts.
  • Allow the engine to warm up.
  • Adjust the drag bar to the desired depth.
  • Using the transmission lever select the forward speed desired (or operating position) to have the
  • Activate the tine control lever to the on position.
  • Depress the safety clutch to begin rototilling.
  • Guide the tiller along until the job is complete.
  • Increase the tine speed at each additional pass to thoroughly mix the soil.

Trouble Shooting :