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Sod cutter – gas Ryan 18"

Applications :

A gas powered method of cutting sod into 12" strips that can be rolled up for later use if required.


  • The use of hand, foot, eye & ear protection is required.
  • Do not use on steep grades.
  • Do not use when other people and pets are in the area.
  • Allow engine to cool down before refueling.
  • Ensure that the work area is free of rocks and debris.

Product Specs:

  • Roller diameter 18".
  • Depth of cut, 3/4" - 2"
  • Weighs 269 lbs.
  • Engine 5.5 hp.

Operating Instructions :

  • Clear area of rocks and other debris.
  • The Ryan model has a blade adjustment handle that needs to be loosened, this allows the blade to be adjusted to the desired depth. Make sure handle is retightened once desired depth is reached.
  • Check that gas flow valve is in "on" position. Ensure the ignition switch is in the "on" position.
  • Turn choke on, pull recoil, push choke in after unit starts.
  • Switch drive drum and cutting lever located at side of unit up
  • Hold down clutch lever on left handle and engage belt tensioner forward

Trouble Shooting:

Engine will not start

  • Check that the fuel line is in the "ON" position
  • Check that the kill switch is in the "ON" position
  • Check that the fuel tank has adequate fuel
  • For further instruction call our store 905-727-7368