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Generator, 5000 Watt

Applications :

  • Used to generate power to run anything electrical.

Safety :

  • Do not refuel while the tool is running.
  • Always be sure that electrical tool you are using does not draw more power than the generator can provide.
  • Never transport the generator while it is running.

Product Specs :

  • Powered by Honda motors.
  • 5gal. gas tank runs for aprox. 6hrs to dry.
  • Total power produced is aprox. 35amps at 110V, 20amps at 240V.
  • 240V power is single phase only.

Operating Instructions :

  • Push the choke switch to the cold start position.
  • Turn the stop switch on.
  • Pull the recoil rope until you hear the engine roll over.
  • Put the choke in the off position.
  • Pull the recoil rope until the machine starts.
  • Plug the tool into the generator.
  • When finished unplug the tool.
  • Shut off the generator by turning the stop switch off.
  • If raining, cover generator with a tarp.

Trouble Shooting :