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Wall Paper Steamer

Applications :

  • Used to remove wallpaper from any surface.

Safety :

  • Do not touch the weight cap while operating the tool & allow to cool when job is completed.
  • The use of drop sheets is recommended to protect the floor area.
  • Do not plug the unit into the same wall you are removing the wallpaper from.
  • Wear long sleeves & gloves as the hose & pan will be hot.

Product Specs :

  • 115 volt, 1500 watt draw.
  • 15 foot steamer hose.
  • Large steamer pan allows user to cover more area quickly.
  • Sight glass allows user to check on water level at a glance.

Operating Instructions :

  • Connect the hose to the pan and the unit with the quick connect fittings.
  • Fill the unit with water and replace the weight cap.
  • Plug the unit in and wait about 20 minutes for the unit to begin steaming.
  • Place steamer pan directly onto the wallpaper & allow the steam to penetrate the paper until it starts to bubble.
  • Scrape the softened paper off the wall & repeat procedure until the job is complete.

Trouble Shooting :