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Medium Duty Roto Hammer, Bosch EVS SDSMAX

Applications :

  • Ideally used for drilling holes in concrete, brick and cinder block.
  • Can drill holes from 1/2" to 1.5" in diameter with solid bits.
  • Can drill 1.5" to 3" holes with core bits.
  • Great for light duty chipping, and scaling.
  • Is a powerful and fast drill, for drilling anchor bolts.

Safety :

  • Ensure dust mask, ear, & eye protection is worn.
  • Safety boots should also be worn when using the tool.
  • Do not leave the tool plugged in while unattended.
  • Do not transport the tool, unless it is unplugged.
  • Avoid using in damp or wet conditions.
  • Do not use an oversized bit in the drill.
  • Service indicator light indicates the need for tool servicing eight hours in advance.

Product Specs :

  • SDS-max (TM) drive system.
  • The SDS-max system is used by Hilti, Milwaukee, and Dewalt.
  • No load RPM: 180-360: no load BPM: 1600-3200: 8.8 amp.
  • Has an automatic shutdown feature once the brushes are worn, therefore preventing major damage to the rotary hammer.
  • Stop rotation selector: hammering with or without rotation.
  • Electronic Feedback Circuitry; constant impact and rotation.
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 17" long X 9" high.
  • 115 volt, drawing 11.0 amps.

Operating Instructions :

  • Insert accessory by pushing and rotating the bit till the bit depresses into the roto hammer and a click is heard.
  • Use arrow selection switch on side of tool as follows:
  • When arrow is pointed left-tool is set to drill.
  • When arrow is pointed right-tool is set to hammer.
  • When arrow is pointed up-tool is red to hammer drill.
  • Set appropriate speed; found on side of roto hammer.
  • Plug in tool and depress switch while holding the handle.
  • Remove bit by pulling collar back and pulling bit upwards.

Trouble Shooting :