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Concrete Trowel, 36", Terex-Bartell

Applications :

  • High production floating and finishing of concrete pours.

Safety :

  • Use only in well ventilated areas.
  • Ensure the proper safety apparel is worn while using the machine (safety shoes, hearing protection).
  • Make sure that all safety items are present and operational on unit (i.e. centrifugal stop switch on handle).
  • Always maintain good footing while using the trowel.
  • Make sure a grip is always maintained on the handle while operating the machine.
  • Never refuel the trowel while the engine is running or when the engine is hot.

Product Specs :

  • 36" Concrete Power Trowel.
  • 5.5Hp Honda.
  • Terex-Bartell.

Operating Instructions :

Starting Procedure:

  • Set the switch on the handle (safety shut off) to the "ON" position (Terex-Bartell Trowels only).
  • Set the main engine "ON" / "OFF" switch to the "ON" position.
  • Slide the choke to the "ON" position.
  • Set the throttle control to 1/4 and NO more.
  • Pull the starter rope.
  • Once the motor starts, turn the choke off ensuring a grip on the handle at all times.
  • Increase throttle to start troweling.

Operating Instructions :

Float Operation:

  • When the slab has sufficiently firmed so that the operators footprint leaves only a slight depression.
  • Clip the float the blades onto the finish blades.
  • Start the trowel as above and start the process.
  • Slight pitch is needed to ensure smooth operation while floating.
  • After floated slab has set sufficiently it is ready for finishing.

Operating Instructions :

Finishing Operation:

  • Remove the float blades.
  • Run machine over slab, adjusting the pitch as if one was troweling with

Trouble Shooting :